The client operates in an extremely niche and particularly challenging market so normal marketing techniques are not sufficient to meet what he was asking for.

Landing on the Internet with a well-defined strategy and taking all users nationwide, through the Web, that otherwise in organic and with classic off-line strategies could not have been reached.

Increase revenue generated from Paid Search channels

Expand Paid strategy to allow the brand to capitalize on investment in countries with the greatest growth potential

Maintaining an efficient and sustainable ROAS

Once the client’s needs and goals were analyzed, we first proceeded to restructure the website by making its structure and call-to-actions more efficient, which allowed us to also restructure the ADS apparatus with ad hoc Google campaigns (Search, Display and Video) that brought top results in terms of qualitative traffic brought to the site.

In addition to this, an organic strategy was developed by also optimizing the existing social channels Facebook, Instagram and TikTok enhancing them by creating a more consistent feed and going to implement them with those more suitable for building a community of users willing to join the armed forces and police forces such as Telegram.

In fact, in addition to the classic Marketing strategies, a series of Telegram Channels were created for each competition in which to interact directly with users. The channels were populated through Meta ADS carousels that landed customers to the desired group.


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