The client possesses revolutionary biomedical technology that improves sports performance and maximizes post-workout recovery. The albeit virgin market is extremely challenging, precisely because the technology is difficult for the general public to understand and is often ignorantly labeled as a scam.

The company was faced with the need to significantly increase revenue from its e-commerce site while simultaneously addressing the challenge of maintaining a high return on advertising investment (ROAS).

Increase revenue generated from Paid Search channels

Expand Paid strategy to allow the brand to capitalize on investment in countries with the greatest growth potential

Maintaining an efficient and sustainable ROAS

TMA accepted the challenge and prepared an acquisition strategy focused on capitalizing to the maximum on investments in Digital Advertising with a view to achieving scalable and consolidated growth in the medium to long term. The actions put in place by TMA made it possible to achieve optimal targets in the forecasting phase, to improve on previous years the main qualitative performance indicators and to enhance the assortment in the catalog and for the merchandise categories with higher sales margins.

In addition to Digital ADV, Influencer Marketing and E-mail Marketing solutions were deployed, using only and exclusively, in the case of Influencer Marketing, top-level athletes who believed so much in the project that they chose the product exchange formula as their terms of compensation. This allowed us to increase brand reputation in various key areas of sports, which led to a considerable increase in sales.

For E-mail Marketing, on the other hand, we took advantage of the cyclicality in product usage by going for and leveraging high-spending customers with ad hoc discounting, which allowed us to raise Roas considerably.


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